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It was around the fall of the Berlin Wall when Heinz Lichtenegger first bought a near-closing turntable factory in the Czech Republic. Retaining the factory's experienced staff, he did what no one else expected, or even thought possible: resumed production.

Why Own a Turntable, Why Collect Vinyl?

There’s lots of reasons people cite for their record collection. From the very fastidious “It just sounds better” to the slightly perplexing “Because it’s very cool right now”. In most systems, that pure analogue signal path does sound better, and it is very cool, right now (or anytime). There’s lots of reasons for the sound quality and character of vinyl, but I’ll leave that explanation to the people with whiteboards and oscilloscopes.

Identifying the Parts of Your Turntable

The vocabulary of a turntable can be confusing, even before you’ve started to read HiFi press talking about “bright” or “throaty” sound. It can seem impenetrable, but there’s no need for an engineering degree to understand what it all does. Here’s a quick breakdown of the major parts of a turntable, what they’re called, and what they do.


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