Chantelle's Story

I was born with everyone around me being involved in retail. In the 70’s and 80’s my parents Chris and Anthea Somas and uncle Jim Litis owned the original Douglas Hifi’ Stores around Perth. They had all the best stuff at the time Technics, Akai, Infinity, Harmon Kardon, Jensen, JVC, Mission, and Linea design just to name a few.  Chris, Anthea and Jim started buying speakers from Ben Douglas the Pioneer of Audio in the eastern states. Mr Douglas saw such potential, passion and integrity in them he allowed them to use his name for the store. It was the 70’s and the disco era was going crazy, they opened more and more stores. They eventually sold in 1988 to an eastern states company for an offer they couldn't refuse.
Douglas Hifi
 Douglas Hifi Murray Street Perth
As a kid I spent all my time on weekends and after school at Douglas Hifi on Murray Street, so I guess I just got to know a lot about great hifi and speakers as well as what it really takes to create a store that people love and want to come back to. The family passion for music is still with us, it’s in our blood. I think back and always remember my dad being such a great creator and merchandiser always fiddling with hifi and making sure it looked and sounded its best and he still helps me now. 
Angelo Litis
My Grandfather Angelo Litis at Park Discount Retravision
My grandfather Angelo Litis was the owner of WA’s most successful Retravision store, Park Discount, when I was at high school. I worked there for about 10 years. Angelo started his business in 1950, and he and his 3 brothers saw technology was the future and they each opened an electrical store. My mum remembers the line outside his store going around the corner with people waiting to buy the first black and white television. My grandfather was part of the first 6 stores that united to form the Retravision group in WA. He sold his store in 2004. 
My mum worked there for 30 years. He and my mum were the best to learn from, they taught me so much, but most importantly to value your customers, your staff and the brands you sell. I still call my mum most days for business advice now.
An opportunity in 2004 to open the first and only Bose Store in Perth came up so I took it. The store operated as The Bose Store for 11 years and I am very proud to say we were the most successful store in Australia year on year. I was very lucky to be part of such a great brand and product for so long, however the time came where Bose wanted their name back so again with the support from my family and husband Tom, AudioHUB evolved. We now have the collection of what we believe are the best brands in audio-visual and computer technology under one roof. If you love great music as much as me, do yourself a favour and come in and experience what we have on offer. The team with me at AudioHub are true experts in their fields and share the same passion for exceptional sound quality that I do. If you find technology overwhelming (just like my dad!) we are also the only ones who provide ongoing support either at home or at our in store workshops.
I look forward to meeting you in store.
Chantelle Grove