Why the Bose Lifestyle System is Superior

Bose Lifestyle System


People ask why buy a Bose system and the response is very simple, the Bose Lifestyle surround sound systems produce fantastic sound quality for size of speakers, aesthetically pleasing and arguably the easiest home theatre system there is on the market to operate. Bose has two home theatre systems in the range with the Lifestyle 600 system using the redesigned jewel cube speakers made famous many years ago and the Lifestyle 650 system using the all new omni jewel speakers which give a true 360 degree sound and a more spacious home cinema experience. Watch the video below.


The Bose Lifestyle 600/650 systems now support six 4K video sources and support audio formats such as DTS, Dolby Digital and Dolby True HD to ensure you have the best connectivity and sound quality available for your surround sound needs.

The universal remote control allows all your devices connected to the media centre to be integrated together. The one remote control integrates all the regular commands of each device and then using a small LED screen on the remote indicates which device you are operating. This gives the end user ease of use allowing even those who say they aren’t technical the ability to control their new home theatre system.

To cap it all off the Bose Lifestyle surround sound systems are complemented with the Bose SoundTouch App allowing both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming for all your music needs. The Lifestyle 600/650 systems are the complete package for any home theatre or living room in any home. Come in to AudioHUB today to listen to these two ground breaking systems. Watch the SoundTouch video below.