Weddings, Parties, Anything - The Bose L1 Compact Music System

Bose L1


The Bose L1 Compact system combines the concept of a conventional PA system and stage monitor speakers into one portable loudspeaker system.

Unlike regular PA speakers that are bulky, heavy and often impractical, the L1 compact is a single unit that weighs just 13.8Kg and packs down small enough to fit in the boot of your car. The modular design of the L1 Compact makes setting it up fast and simple, you can carry it to the stage area in a single trip and set up the speaker ready for performance in one minute.

The simple and ultra portable design of the L1 compact has made it the ideal choice of speaker for many performance applications where clear and precise room filling sound is required, making it very popular with musicians, DJ’s and companies who require PA speakers for business presentations .


The Bose L1 compact speaker is a fully integrated system, there’s no need for additional amplifier, mixers or speakers, everything is built in. The L1 is made up of a amplifier and bass module speaker in the power stand and line array of six loudspeakers inside the single column tower.  There are inputs for instruments and a microphone, the Integrated mixer in the power stand provides one microphone XLR input, one instrument input, one RCA stereo input and one  0.31cm stereo input.  The speakers in the column of the L1 course compact use a Spatial Dispersion loudspeaker technology that features six small drivers mounted at precise angles inside a slim, vertical enclosure. This proprietary Bose technology delivers nearly 180 degrees of horizontal sound coverage. Sound remains consistent even at extreme sides of the system allowing the L1 compact to fill the room from the single speaker unit.

The L1 compact is set up at AudioHUB and ready for in store  audition today,  call us to make an appointment to hear this unique PA speaker system and feel free to bring your own guitar, keyboard ect.

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