The Sound of the Future

Beolab 90 is the most powerful home digital speaker ever built by Bang & Olufsen.

Beolab 90, suitably named by B&O to celebrate their benchmark 90th year of manufacturing audio-visual products, is the lighthouse of sound and acoustics and here at AudioHUB we like to think of it as the future of sound.

Beolab 90 started as a collection of ideas  – such as controlling directivity and multichannel room compensation - “So it was more like a river, a bunch of little streams coming together into one large system’’ says Bang & Olufsen Tonmeister Geoff Martin.


After three years in the making and featuring the wildest dreams of the Bang & Olufsen acoustic department, the Beolab 90 is the most advanced speaker in the world.  

The speaker really is like no one else, in appearance and performance. These speakers weigh in at a hefty 137Kg, The design is based on a complex aluminium cabinet that alone weighs 65kg. The outer ‘skin’ of the speaker is made of acoustically transparent fabric stretched like sails hovering in front of the driver units.  Underneath the elegant exterior BeoLab 90 sports no less than 18 premium drivers, 14 channels of ICEpower amplifiers and four additional class D amplifiers, equalling 8200 total watts of musical power and precision – per unit.

The Beolab 90 automatically adjusts itself to its surroundings and the position of the listener, bringing a spark of magic to your recordings and placing you right inside the music. The technology that the speaker uses to achieve this is called active room compensation. The reflection of audio off the different surfaces in a room has a big impact on the sound reaching your ears. If you want to improve the tonal balance and bring absolute precision when it comes to the perceived placement of instruments and voices you hear, then you need to eliminate the interference from the objects within the room.


Beolab 90


Each speaker is assembled by hand in the Bang & Olufsen factory in Struer, Denmark.  The speakers are then tuned and tweaked by ear in the lab and meticulously stress tested for 48 hours.  When a Beolab 90 speaker reaches its final destination it has already been through 12 sets of hands and 60 hours of testing, tuning and calibration.

The only pair of BeoLab 90 speakers in Western Australia is located in our Subiaco showroom and demand to hear them is high. You really do need to hear these speakers.  Please call us on 08 9388 0099 or email to make an appointment to arrange your listening session now.

Beolab 90 in factory

Jackson Alam
Audio-Visual Consultant