Coup stops by at AudioHUB

Coup at AudioHUB

The boys from Coup dropped into the AudioHUB store the other day to test out our range of headphones for themselves. They had a squiz at some of our awesome products from Bose and B & O, and then wrote a little bit about us on their blog. To read their kind words, head over to the Coup website feed here.

Here's a little snippet of what their post was about

What have we got to do with them?

AudioHUB have been our colleagues and friends for over 8 years now and we launched their website 18 months ago. We’re proud of what we created, so naturally we love telling others about what they do. If you’re in the market for the best sound and want to actually listen to the difference between products, this is the place for you. AudioHUB let you try and compare headphones by the world’s best audio companies, so you can be sure about your purchase and won’t ever feel buyer’s regret. To see the AudioHUB website, click here 

The Coup headphone test

We thought it would be a great idea to head over to the AudioHUB store to try out a few pairs of headphones for ourselves. We feel we look more artful in black and white. It was great to get a chance to really hear the difference in sound quality between headphones and to A B test them against each other. You just can’t get the benefit of this direct comparison when you shop for audio gear online..... " 

The fellas down at Coup are responsible for creating and maintaining our website, as well as for looking after our digital marketing. If you need these kinds of services, then shoot them an email or check out their website to get more information.

They have a wealth of knowledge and experience that shows in things like their long-term digital marketing strategies that they call ‘Game Plans.’ But the part that really makes them stand out is that they love what they do, and they treat the people that hire them like they’re part of the family.