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Coup stops by at AudioHUB

The boys from Coup dropped into the AudioHUB store the other day to test out our range of headphones for themselves. They had a squiz at some of our awesome products from Bose and B & O, and then wrote a little bit about us on their blog. To read their kind words, head over to the Coup website feed here. Here's a little snippet of what their post was about What have we got to do with them? AudioHUB have been our colleagues and friends for over 8 years now and we launched their website 18 months ago. We’re proud of what we created, so naturally we love telling others about what they do. If you’re in the market for the...

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It's time to get your living room ready for Finals Footy.

Finals Footy just got a whole lot more interesting after the Eagles snuck home in an absolute nail biter of a game at Subiaco oval. Whether you support the Eagles or just love watching the spectacle of it all, make sure you get your living room ready for all the games leading up to the grand final. Now’s the time to upgrade your home theatre system so you can fully enjoy the experience of watching the greatest game on earth. With a packed lounge room it’s sometimes hard to hear what’s happening on the field. Every call of the ump, chant of the crowd, and blow of siren is a crucial part of immersing yourself in the on screen action. Setting your...

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Sofie Loves - These two Bluetooth speakers for my favourite tunes.

Why I love these two amazing Bluetooth speakers and why they should be in every Christmas stocking this year. The amazing Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker series iii, I have this speaker at home and it’s my little personal  friend while I do my housework  with its amazing sound playing my favourite tunes! I get 14 hours of charge of music whether I’m home having a bbq with friends or at the beach or Kings Park enjoying a picnic with wine and cheese…. The next is the unbelievable Bang and Olufsen A1 Bluetooth speaker,  this little guy will blow you away, not only do you get 360 degrees of sound you get 24 hours of battery charge with a water resistant...

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AudioHUB Boutique

AudioHUB offer complete installation solutions tailored to suit your needs. From wall mounting your television all the way to installation of a full projection home theatre, our fully trained and qualified installation team can help. We can come to you and audit every aspect of your audio-visual system requirements, including sound, picture quality, intelligibility, ease of use and functionality.

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