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It's time to get your living room ready for Finals Footy.

Finals Footy just got a whole lot more interesting after the Eagles snuck home in an absolute nail biter of a game at Subiaco oval. Whether you support the Eagles or just love watching the spectacle of it all, make sure you get your living room ready for all the games leading up to the grand final. Now’s the time to upgrade your home theatre system so you can fully enjoy the experience of watching the greatest game on earth. With a packed lounge room it’s sometimes hard to hear what’s happening on the field. Every call of the ump, chant of the crowd, and blow of siren is a crucial part of immersing yourself in the on screen action. Setting your...

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Soundbar Revolution

The introduction of Soundbars into the audio/visual industry offers people a simple compact solution to improve the sound of their day to day TV viewing. Whilst Soundbars won’t give you cinematic theatre type sound they are a fantastic compromise especially the all new Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar. With proprietary Bose technologies including Phaseguide, the SoundTouch 300 is able to project sound where there are no speakers. With a number of speakers built into the SoundTouch 300 Soundbar there is a dramatic increase in the level of dialogue you can hear which you lose from standard TV sound. Finally, features such as built in WiFi and Bluetooth allow users the freedom of switching between TV sounds as well as playing music...

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