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It's time to get your living room ready for Finals Footy.

Finals Footy just got a whole lot more interesting after the Eagles snuck home in an absolute nail biter of a game at Subiaco oval. Whether you support the Eagles or just love watching the spectacle of it all, make sure you get your living room ready for all the games leading up to the grand final. Now’s the time to upgrade your home theatre system so you can fully enjoy the experience of watching the greatest game on earth. With a packed lounge room it’s sometimes hard to hear what’s happening on the field. Every call of the ump, chant of the crowd, and blow of siren is a crucial part of immersing yourself in the on screen action. Setting your...

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A world first in Australia, right here in Subiaco

It’s been over 2 months now since The Bose Store Subiaco rebranded and officially reopened its doors as AudioHUB. With all things full steam ahead we take a quick look back at the journey leading up to the launch: The Subiaco retail store has been operating for well over a decade. Over the years, the store has been fortunate enough to work with a really solid brand like Bose. Bose is fantastic and the products are highly sought after, put that with a great store location as well as staff that go over and above for the client, it has all contributed to the longevity of the business. Owner, Chantelle Grove and her husband Tom had no intention on being...

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