Introducing Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

The new era of Noise Cancelling Headphones is here. We are incredibly excited to introduce Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. The new realised flagged ship premium headphones with the outstanding 11 pre-set noise cancelling options. Now at AudioHUB, specialists in headphones in Perth. 
Selling noise cancelling headphones since 2004, I can certainly say these are the best noise cancelling headphones I have ever had a chance to use or sell. Let me tell you a little bit about the newest offering by Bose. First of all as mentioned before the noise cancelling is outstanding like nothing ever heard before, definitely the strongest noise cancelling headphones on the market. I am personally very impressed by the light weight of the new HD700s as well as the sound quality which is simply outstanding. Alexa and Google assist are also built in which allows you to make calls, play your favourite track and more without having to lift a finger. You can also apply the noise cancelling on whist making phone calls as well as music thanks to the 8 microphone system the new HD700s have which is a new feature by Bose.

The design is different from anything seen by Bose before and it is simply super, being a great headphone as well as looking very premium and luxurious. It is available in black and silver which is perfect for both male and female customers.

So get down to AudioHUB and pre order your HD700 now and visit us to get a demonstration and get the feel of the new product. Make your next flight enjoyable and silent. Come in-store for Perth's biggest range of premium headphones. 

In store and online on the 29th of August 2019. 

By Eddie Vincent

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