From CD's to Mini Disks to Ultra High Definition - Brad's Story

Brad's Story

I have pretty much been in and around the retail electrical industry most of my life, as my uncle owned the Thomsons Retravision stores in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s so I spent a lot of time visiting and watching how the business operates. My brother, Matt, has also been in the industry since I was very young and it was helping him out as a casual at Homecraft Fremantle in 1985 that I started working in the industry. I did casual work at Homecraft Fremantle and Carousel, over the period that they became Archie Martin Vox, Myer Perth City and Boans Perth City, who then became Myer.

I had a long break away from the industry until the late 90’s when I started working at Thomsons Retravision (Myaree, Garden City and Perth). The city store was sold and I was then working for Capitol Retravision. Next I worked for Ramsays Retravision in Subiaco for a few years and then in 2002 when Ramsays was sold and became Subiaco Retravision I moved to Park Discount Superstore where my business association with Chantelle began. I worked here for a few years until the business was sold to Rick Hart. I stayed on for a year or so before moving to Rick Hart Osborne Park when they sold to Clive Peters. (Now for those of you who have noticed a pattern here, yes I have a knack for working for businesses that get sold!)

Then in 2007 once Chantelle had opened a second Bose Store, in Myaree, she asked me to join the team. In June 2010 we closed the Myaree store and focused our attention on the Subiaco store. In July 2016 we changed our name to AudioHUB to arrive at where we are today.

Over the journey I have seen the compact disc player come and go, the discman come and go and the mini disc come and go (very quickly!)  TV’s went from CRT to LCD and plasma and now plasma has already gone and Standard Definition became Enhanced Definition which then became High Definition which then became Ultra High Definition, which today is constantly changing into various versions. Everything has basically gone from analogue to digital and as a result the rate of change in technology is at an ever increasing rate. But you will always find the latest and greatest here at AudioHUB.