Bose now make Sunglasses and they are pretty awesome - Anja Reviews

Did you know that Bose make sunglasses now? Introducing one of the newest products released by Bose, The all new Bose Frames. Sunglasses with the open-ear audio for music, heads up hands-free. They are pretty cool.

Frames are a brand new product on the market and are something like never seen before from Bose. The frames are Bluetooth enabled with an integrated microphone which allows you to make phone calls and listen to your music whist having the freedom of no wires.

The Bose frames are shatter and scratch resistant, whilst also have miniature Bose speakers positioned in the frames to pass audio or hands free calls through to the user. An action button on the frames will allow you to power the frames on/off, accept or reject the phone calls, play and pause music as well as use Siri or Google Assistant.

The Bose frames feature lenses which block 99% of UVA/UBE rays which makes the frames perfect for those sunny and hot Perth days and are also available in two shapes Rondo and Alto. To make your new sunglasses more personal you can change the colour of the lenses to pink or blue. Bose Alto Frames feature a classic angular shape with commanding lenses and a larger fit while the Rondo Frames are classic yet distinct being a slightly smaller fit with rounded lenses.

The frames are now available at AudioHUB so visit our store at 139 Hay Street Subiaco to try them on and experience their revolutionary audio first hand and of course make sure you like the look so you can get the most out of your new sunglasses.

Come in a try them on and see if they are the right fit for you in-store today

By Anja Golub