AudioHUB & Akidamy



Nestled between Mt Lawley and Perth is a brand new early child care centre which promises an entirely different style of development and learning. It’s called The Akidamy School of Early Learning and it’s the result of years of planning and dedication by its founder Michael Sebbag. Based upon the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy of having the child be the centre of their own learning, the Akidamy prioritises creating agency, independence and emotional growth with the children in their care.

It is genuinely surprising to hear the list of services this establishment offers; Italian classes, a music room, yoga space, art room and even a fulltime chef. As I toured the spacious venue I was continually impressed by these comprehensive offerings.  This expansion of services is a demonstrative leap forward in Perth early education. A gauntlet to its older competitors, that the game has changed and a sign to Perth parents that they have to settle for nothing.

Several things help the Akidamy stand apart. The most obvious as you first lay eyes on its unique architectural design. A bespoke intricate space which allows for both indoor and outdoor play in any weather. The team at Akidamy argue that their free-flowing, learning environment is ideally suited to a child's growth and wellbeing. An integrated outdoor space creates ideal places for your child's reflection, engagement, and interaction with others. The spaces have been designed by educational experts to stimulate any child's learning through exploration, curiosity and play.

It goes almost without saying that music and sound are an integral part of how young children learn. It is because of that fundamental understanding that the Akidamy is the only early learning centre in Perth to partner with AudioHUB and put in place a state of the art, all-inclusive Bang & Olufsen speaker package. Every child who enters the Akidamy is met with incredibly crisp and clear-sound. The music that greats the children loses none of its acute power regardless of which room they hear it in. When Michael approached Bang & Olufsen about his vision to provide the Akidamy with the best technical quality for his new business we were glad to work with him. With absolute pride, we can say that the sound quality available at the Akidamy is as world class as the other services this school of early learning provides.  


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