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Only the Newest and Best at AudioHUB

  Here at AudioHUB we always get excited when Bose launches its new products and can’t wait to experience them. With the launch of their new Smart home speakers and SoundBars we are excited to share more about them with you. The all new Bose Soundbar 700 is designed to be the world’s best Soundbar, featuring a combination of sophisticated technologies and exceptional sound. Bose SoundBar 700 comes with Amazon Alexa built in which allows you to play your music services, have your news and weather read to you and many more just by using your voice.  Our team here at AudioHub tried the newest feature Amazon Alexa and found that with the custom-designed eight-microphone array Soundbar 700 is very...

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A little story about recycling

  In term 3 I learnt all about recycling. We went on a class excursion to Remida. Remida helps the environment. We leant about making things out of old things. Remida collects things like CD's, wood and plastic batteries. Volunteers help out by separating things. Schools like ours can visit and and make something out of the recycled stuff. I asked my Mum if AudioHUB could recycle E-Waste and she said yes. Please drop off your old speakers, computers or headphones to AudioHUB or Remida so we can do our bit to help the planet! by A. Grove (Age 7)   Visit the Remida website here

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Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds have revolutionised the way we sleep

  Bose wireless noise-masking sleepbuds are the first of their kind. To put it simply they are “tiny earbuds for better sleep” The size (or lack of it) of the buds makes them extremely comfortable to wear and with Bose’s usual choice of 3 different sized ear-tips, included with the product, you’ll find the best choice for your ears. Plus the gel tips help them stay in place while you sleep (even for the tossers and turners among us). The earbuds don’t play music or cancel out noise like earphones do, instead they let you stream a choice of 10 different sounds via the Bose Sleep app from your phone or tablet that block out other external noises. From a...

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AudioHUB & Akidamy

  Nestled between Mt Lawley and Perth is a brand new early child care centre which promises an entirely different style of development and learning. It’s called The Akidamy School of Early Learning and it’s the result of years of planning and dedication by its founder Michael Sebbag. Based upon the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy of having the child be the centre of their own learning, the Akidamy prioritises creating agency, independence and emotional growth with the children in their care. It is genuinely surprising to hear the list of services this establishment offers; Italian classes, a music room, yoga space, art room and even a fulltime chef. As I toured the spacious venue I was continually impressed by these...

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Why the Bose Lifestyle System is Superior

  People ask why buy a Bose system and the response is very simple, the Bose Lifestyle surround sound systems produce fantastic sound quality for size of speakers, aesthetically pleasing and arguably the easiest home theatre system there is on the market to operate. Bose has two home theatre systems in the range with the Lifestyle 600 system using the redesigned jewel cube speakers made famous many years ago and the Lifestyle 650 system using the all new omni jewel speakers which give a true 360 degree sound and a more spacious home cinema experience. Watch the video below.   The Bose Lifestyle 600/650 systems now support six 4K video sources and support audio formats such as DTS, Dolby Digital...

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